CANNABINETICS: The Re-Creation of Life - Star-Tetrahedron in Fibonacci Spiral with the Tree of Life.


CANNABINETICS: Human Genome meets Platonics meets Crystal Field Theory meets Tree of Life.



Open Source Cananbis Protocol - Whole Plant Therapy™

Cannabis Afghanica, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Rasta, Cannabis Sativa, Non-Commercial Cannabis, & Non-Industrial Hemp


CANNABINETICS™ The Modern Science of Cannabis Genetics - Open Source Cannabis Protocol - is the break-through study of Whole Plant Therapy™ based upon unique In-vivo (in-body) healing experiences of Cannabis/Hemp therapy, and theoretical In-vitro (in-glass) from the time-space-research-continuum.

Over the past 50 years since Drs. Mechoulam and Hanuš isolated the decarboxylated compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC) - the well-known by-product of ingredient Cananbinolic Acid (THCA) the study of Cannabis/Hemp has been suppressed at least due in part to a Limited North American market.

Fast forward to late 2011 and the Cannabis & Hemp Genomes were mapped to find there is NO THC in the bio-synthetic pathway of the plant. Cannabis/Hemp only produce the precursors THCA and/or CBDA . ALL Strains Cannabis/Hemp are THC-Free. Non-enzymatic Decarboxylation is required to convert THCA into THC. This process begins in earnest at around 107.5C peaking at 157.5C and THC degrades into CBN at temperatures exceeding 182.5C. Cannabis/Hemp - Whole Plant Therapy™ can be safely and harmlessly cultivated in ANY garden without fear of producing any PSYCHO-ACTIVE compounds. RAW Cannabis CANNOT get anyone HIGH until it is Decarboxylated.

THEN CONSIDER: "Using the most advanced DNA sequencing tools, billions of DNA molecules can be sequenced in parallel for comprehensive genetic classification of Cannabis Strains. Medicinal Genomics has sequenced 65,000X more Cannabis DNA Sequence than exists in the public Databases in 2011."

Oilseed Hemp and Industrial Hemp genetics have been found to be absent of THCA. In the absence of THCA, THC cannot be produced even through Decarboxylation. In this case, these strains finish their bio-synthetic journey at CBDA. CBDA Decarboxylates into CBD.

Each of the United States should REPEAL ALL PROHIBITOIN allowing farmers to cultivate Oilseed/Industrial Hemp. Anything less will slow the adoption of Whole Plant Therapy™ into the United States market. Cannabinetics™ believes in Open Source Cannabis/Hemp and therefore NO PATENTS on these plants will be allowed on these plants. Making it illegal to grow in our garden doesn't mean they can then take the rights to the natural compounds.

Thank you for your time & effort, but we are sorry to those of you who have put in long hours of research etc, unfortunately, you're on the wrong side of the equation and causing unnatural imbalance.

We welcome all who desire to support the Patients Before Profits model. If consumers want to purchase products made commercially, sobeit, they just don't get monopoly exclusive Patents to protect their financial investment in something that the public have been barred from cultivating in their own garden.

In Defense of A Nation

THE 1942 EXECUTIVE ORDER #9280 CITES HEMP FOOD AS A REQUIREMENT FOR U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY (USNATSEC) - "strategic food source". Hemp's status has been affirmed by Executive Orders #10161, #10480, #10998, #11490, #12919 & #13603.

Any sitting President who allows the Prohibition of Hemp Cultivation pretty much is in Violation of the United States National Security. Aren't they? Certainly NO Democrat, nor Republican lawyer would sue the figurehead of both parties. So instead the U.S. was taken over without a shot fired. We as citizens of the United States are violating the USNATSEC unless we cultivate Cannabis/Hemp to meet this "strategic food source" requirement. I personally have an "essential consumer demand" due to the quantity of Hemp Seed, Hemp Protien & Hemp Oil I consume it is not sustainable to purchase this at Canadian Imported + Retail Markup Prices. Even U.S. Retail is too expensive when I can press my own oil from my own crop. Gives new meaning to being a Patriot.

Cannabinetics Leads to Cannabinomics

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