Bluehost vs WPEngine

Good uptime, fast servers and speedy websites at a low cost are amongst the few basic things considered while choosing a suitable web hosting server. Bluehost and WPEngine are amongst the few web hosting which not only provide the basic features but also facilitate their user to the maximum. Choosing the correct web hosting server is extremely important in the web development field and this considering only the top and the finest hosts is essential. Bluehost and WPEngine are amongst the finest and highly recommended web hosting servers available in the market.

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1. Uptime

Uptime refers to the time after which a working web page becomes non functional. Bluehost has a relatively lower uptime rate than compared to WPEngine. In case of heavy trafficking and extreme load on the server, majorly crowded web pages tend to fail and shut down. Despite the low uptime rate, the server manages to recover every piece of data within seconds. The user is able to recover all the significant pages and links with merely a click of the mouse.

The closely managed and frequently upgraded system of frequent backups, along with a powerful cache system allows WPEngine to maintain a very high 99.9% rate of uptime.

2. Speed test

The site uploading and downloading speed is one of the most important things when it comes to web hosting servers. The optimization connected with the WordPress server allows the WPEngine users to enjoy extremely fast uploading and downloading speed. Bluehost on the other hand d has a relatively slower server when it comes to dealing with extremely crowded and highly trafficked web pages. Although, the Bluehost server manages to immediately recover from the slow speed, however the delay is often felt by the users. In terms of uploading space and storage, Bluehost provides unlimited space for uploading and downloading data.

Both the servers provide many additional perks including the direct linkage to the WordPress server. As most of the web development takes place onto the WordPress server, the linkage is highly crucial for the web developers. The customers have always spoken highly of both the servers and have provided a positive feedback.

Although, Bluehost has many servers and web pages connected to it, WPEngine is also an equivalently famous server. As both the servers have provided additionally facilities and perks along with the basic required services. Moreover, the servers have earned their repute over years and have earned their position in the web server market.